Does anyone know I am tracking someone's phone?

Cell phone tracking is easily possible nowadays but you should be aware that there are technologies that can help detect if a phone is being tracked or not. There are several scenarios where the predator becomes the prey in this game. Lets consider a few examples as how this may happen.

  • You are tracking a friend by installing a software without her knowledge. She can easily find out by checking her phone and finding the malicious software sending the information and get to know of your intent. This is not good for your reputation
  • You own a web site and a mobile game. You are tracking people's location without their knowledge. Government agencies or other sources may find out about this and may disclose it to the authorities, this can result in legal prosecution against you and your company for privacy laws infringement

In simple words, someone can know if you are tracking phones or not depending on who that someone is. If you are using a service from a web site, people at the web site can easily know who you are tracking. If you are using a tracking software, the person being tracked can easily check the software and can get to know if he is being tracked. Government agencies can get information about tracking from tracking web sites as new anti-terrorism laws allow them to do so.