Example of phone tracking abuses?

Phone tracking is now possible with new technological advancements. While it has its benefits and uses,just like any other technology, there are drawbacks and misuse opportunities as well. Cell phone tracking can be abused easily as it provides personal information which someone might not want to share with everyone.

In general public opinion, phone tracking is either not easily possible or they have never thought that this could be done. Due to the advancements in modern technology, phone tracking is easily possible these days with minimal effort involved. There are quite a few people who might be interested in tracking your location.

  • Government agencies trying to find suspected people
  • Your spouse or your ex
  • Someone who is interested in you
  • Your parents
  • Your employer
  • Web sites / software companies trying to find their user locations

Privacy laws in most countries prevent people from disclosing location services to common knowledge but that does not necessarily stop these people from tracking you.

Abusing phone tracking is as simple as finding your location without your knowledge. Anyone can do it easily by installing a tracking software on your mobile device eg

  • By giving you a new phone as a gift. For example, the new phone your girlfriend gave you might have a nice tracking feature and a tracking software installed.
  • By stealing / borrowing your phone for a few minutes. Anyone near you can take your phone to play a game and download the software in background.
  • By using web-sites with technology to keep track of your location. Web sites browsed through your phone can ask for your location, though you have to accept to provide the location first.
  • By buying / obtaining information from web sites that keep track of your location. For example, a government agency can easily do so

The question now is "how to stay safe?". While this is not easy except if you chose to revert back to fixed line phones. Some of the things that you can do to avoid being tracked easily and stay safe include being cautious of any malicious software installed on your device. Keep a check of what is installed on your device and what you are using. If you see any new software , check what it is for and you might easily find out if someone is trying to track you. As far as tracking by Government agencies etc is concerned, there is nothing much you can do about except staying clean and away from stuff they are looking for. If you think that your spouse is tracking you or you find out that you are being tracked, its best to discuss and clear the matter rather than suspecting and creating tension.