How a cell Phone tracker app works?

There are numerous cell phone tracking applications available online which can be downloaded and installed on your phone and can help you or someone else track your phone. These cell phone applications are available for different cell phone platforms so you can almost always find an application that will work with your phone model.

A typical application for your cell phone will require you to go through the following steps before you can track your phone

  • Register online on the site for an account. The account may be free or you may need to purchase some credit
  • Download the application suitable for your hand held device and install it on your device
  • accept the terms and conditions and continue using your phone
  • Move around a few locations
  • Login to your online account and check the locations you have visited

Now the question is How does this all happen? The answer is simple. Today's technology allows your cell phone to know its location either based on GPS (which is very precise) or through GSM (which is less accurate). The app installed in the cell phone uses the technology available and gets your location. This application then communicates with the web site and sends the data online to the site. The web site stores the location information online and you or anyone else with appropriate information for your account can access this information and get your location.

What you can do with this information?

Location information can be very useful for example to find if your friends are out for vacation, or an employee has reached office, or a shipment has reached its destination. There are many other uses as well such as government agencies can use location information to track suspected criminals. Once Location information is obtained it can be further used for investigations, to find common visiting places of user. to find the home and office of the user and favorite locations a user visits. This information can also be sold by sites as cumulative data for analysis of users to support studies which help in providing better services to web sites users. The data is also useful for marketing developments and advertisement strategies of some companies.