How do you track cell phones?

The concept of tracking cell phones is fairly new and is supported by the fact that modern networks are location aware and new phones support technologies like GPS. This means that anyone can be tracked and their location can be measured if they are using a cell phone.

Most common cell phones use GSM network. The network location of a mobile phone is available with the service operator and can be obtained by other services offering location based services to the mobile device. This information can be used to obtain cell phone location and can help you track someone's phone. Services like Google latitude can be used to track your friends who are also using Google latitude. There are other such applications also available which provide services to you as a user to enable you to track your location as well as that of your friend. In general, the application will ask confirmation from your friends before allowing you to see the tracking information.

Many modern mobile phones also contain GPS devices. GPS is far more accurate and devices with GPS technology can help you pin point your location to the last couple of meters. The location is calculated based on the signals from multiple GPS satellites. Software in your GPS enabled smart phone can use this location and even send this location to other devices or web sites. Installing such a software on a target phone which needs to be tracked can be as simple as getting hold of the phone for a few minutes.

Irrespective of the fact that its GPS or GSM triangulation, the location of the handset is available on the handset device. This location can be used by software applications. Software applications can then use this information in any manner. For example sending this information over the Internet is possible. In GSM systems, Internet is available through GPRS technology. the applications on your handset can communicate your location to a web site that can keep a record of where you have been. This is a simple explanation of how tracking works.

As far as SunSat GPS is concerned, neither do we track cell phones nor do we have such a service which can help you track someone or your own phone. After all its just a prank which you can play on your friends too.