Is cell phone tracking Legal?

Smart phone app makers, web sites, cell phone makers etc can easily track anyone. There are mixed views when it comes to legality. It is against the privacy laws to distribute and disclose location information of users without their approval and prior knowledge. It is however not illegal to track and store this information for useful purposes and is one of the main tricks big sites like google and facebook use to bring related content to the user. When it comes to phone tracking , this is one way of storing location information about people. There are not very clear laws formulated against or in favor of it yet. This means that you may be able to track someone and not be liable for anything. However if the tracking breaks any other privacy laws, you will be held liable.

If we look at the general trends, courts are handing decisions both against and in favor of cases where cell phone tracking was used. While we can say its safe for now as long as there is no public disclosure and malicious intention, its always better to be safe.

As far as tracking your own phone, it is perfectly legal and there is no limitation of to whom you give this information to.

Federal laws do not prevent Government agencies from tracking your location. This means that you can be tracked by the government or agencies without your knowledge and there is nothing you can do about it. Police will normally need a warrant before they can track someone for criminal reasons.