What is GPS?

GPS means global positioning system. Its a system of 24 satellites around the world which know exactly where they are. A GPS device is any device that communicates with these satellites to find its location. GPS devices can be hand held , cell phones etc. These GPS devices communicate with GPS satellites available to them to triangulate the signal and find out the exact coordinates of their location.

The whole earth map is measured over a coordinate system of latitude and longitude. The latitude and longitude of any point on earth is between 0 and 180 degrees. By looking at the coordinates value, a knowledgeable person can easily judge the region in which the coordinates are located however in order to pinpoint the location , Maps must be used. Reliable map services are provided by Google where you can exactly see the location map corresponding to your coordinates

GPS is very accurate in pinpointing the location upto a few meters and is very useful in many applications. A GPS device can help you not only find your location, but also your direction of movement and your speed. This is very useful in navigation in cars. When used with traffic monitoring systems and a proper road map, this becomes a common navigation application to avoid rush and find suitable roads to destination.

Over recent years, GPS has become very common and many handsets have built in GPS device. GPS helps handset users to find their location.

When can I use GPS?

GPS has many uses , the most common uses of GPS are

  • As a car navigation application
  • To find out location when you are lost
  • To track someone
  • Track your pet like dog using a collar GPS to prevent theft or loss
  • Finding your way in unmarked land where finding precise location may not be easy to find due to lack of landmarks