When can I use GPS phone tracking?

GPS phone tracking has many uses in finding the location of the hand held device

Cell phone theft is most common these days. Expensive cell phones come with built in GPS and there are free services available online where you can sign up for tracking. Only step you need to do to prevent your phone from being lost or stolen for good is to signup for a free service and install the software. Whenever you lose your cell phone you can easily locate it using the online service you signed up earlier.

Cell phone tracking can be useful to track other people. These other people can be your friends, spouse, children etc. Tracking can help keep a tab on their location. It would be more useful if the other person is not aware of the tracking. However one must be careful about breaching any privacy laws if doing so.

When you are going out for an expedition, say a trip to a far area which involves some risk and or long traveling. It is wise to tell someone about it and leave your tracking information with them so they are able to check your location in case you go missing or something bad happens. That way if something goes wrong, they will be able to find out where you are and get help to you.

You own a company which involves movement to different locations and traveling of employees. You can make use of cell phone tracking. Simply ask your employees to install your designated software on their work mobile phones and let them know that they are being tracked. Use a web based software to collect the data and analyze it against the desired locations data. This way, employee movements and stay in office or work locations can easily be measured. Good applications of this method include tracking of delivery boys for a fast food restaurant, postman tracking, security guards tracking for night duties etc.

You have an expensive cargo which you are sending by post. You can include a small GPS device in the package to be fully aware of the location of the cargo and can map the movement of the cargo with time in order to know exactly where it has arrived and when it will reach the desired address.

You have a boat and like to travel over sea. It is a good choice to use a GPS device built into your boat. Not only it prevents your boat from being stolen, it also helps from getting lost at sea. Also linking your application to an online system and sharing the info with a trusted friend can mean that you can get help faster if you are in trouble or something bad happens.