Where can I find free phone tracking services?

Tracking a cell phone is now possible easily using a cell phone tracking software and a web application which communicates with the software and stores location data online. Later on a user can login and view this data online with the help of a map. In this way, anyone can be tracked and their location stored online.

The software application can vary based on the phone model you are using. Usually most common phones support java and its a good option to use a java based application if you are having compatibility issues with any other application. This is however not true for iphone and android based phones and you must use specialized applications for them.

There are quite a few free tracking services available online which can help you track your own phone or even someone else's phone. The initial setup usually requires you to install some software on the target handset. The tracking accuracy depends on the device.For example if the device supports GPS, the accuracy will be much better than a standard GSM phone. A simple google search will help you find many services which allow phone tracking at very low costs or even free in many cases.

If you are looking for a free online tracking service, Instamapper is a good choice which allows you to track and share your location with friends and family. Other alternatives like Mogologo offer free tracking as well and can even send alerts for specific locations.

Tracking services can track your phone as long as the phone is turned on and the software is installed on it and the phone can receive and send signals. This means that they do not provide complete theft protection, for example, an expert theif can quickly turn off your phone and then turn it on to format the software in a location in some basement where signals are not sufficient to send out location information or the service to send the information is not available on the handset. However if the phone is resold and someone else uses it without resetting / formatting the software, there are chances that your tracking software stays operational and you might be able to find the location of the handset. Free phone tracking services like these can also be of good use in expeditions into mountains or forest etc to avert any unforseen emergency.