Why can I not track any Cell Phone?

First of all if you are looking to track mobile phones on this site, you might have noticed that this is just a prank and you get the same location Lets play this prank on some of your friends too!. This site is not an actual cell phone tracking site so you are not able to find the location of the mobile phone. There are, however quite a few services available online which might help you track a phone number.

If you are trying to track a phone number that is not yours, it may not be possible due to many reasons such as

  • the phone is not in your custody and you need to install a software on the phone
  • You may need to sign into a website from the phone itself and register the phone to be tracked there
  • The phone user is sent a notification to accept tracking but is not accepting to allow tracking
  • The phone user is using a new handset and has thrown away the old handset

Trakcing a phone number from a website requires the phone user to register there for tracking and accept the terms and install a suitable software on the phone device. The phone device should also support GPS for accurate tracking and also support the software that is being installed on it. If any of the above conditions are not met properly, the phone cannot be tracked.

If for example, you are looking to track the location of your favourite celebrity, it is not simply possible because of the above stated limitations as you will not be able to get your favourite celebrity to register on your desired site and then give you the password for viewing the location information.

If you are looking to track your own cell phone, it is possible quite easily thanks to many new services available, click here to read more about free phone tracking software and services online.