Why is it good to track cell phone?

While cell phone tracking can be abused or misused against someone's privacy, in certain conditions, cell phone tracking helps too.

Cell phone tracking is useful to track someone if there is a chance of getting lost. This can be during a vacation in the wilds or a trip to the mountain regions, Cross country races, traveling by sea etc. Tracking can help people to keep an eye on your progress and location while sitting at home. This way if they find something odd like you are not changing location for long or are going into a region you are not supposed to go, they can easily alert you and in cases where you are not reachable, they can call for help and get emergency help there in time.

Certain websites track cell phones after asking the user for permission in order to build user demographics as to where the user is moving. In return they can provide you with location based services like point out nearby restaurants, entertainment areas etc.

Websites may also track users to find out in which locations their users exist and this can help them provide better services and content specific to the location.

It may be useful to track your child's cell phone in order to keep an eye on his/her activities and find out if he is visiting a place where he should not be or if he is in the school at the school timing.

A company may track employees cell phones to find out if they are in office or at assignment locations or not. Employees will be more cautious about being there at the right time and thus will help the company keep better control.

Installing a tracking software on your phone for yourself can help you keep your expensive phone from being lost or stolen. If someone steals it, you can easily find the location using the online service you have already signed up for and retrieve your phone.