About Us

sunsat-gps.com leads the world on a fantastic trip of discovery, providing the new knowledge and understanding of how cell phones can be tracked. Our Sunsat satellite GPS system is locating any cell phone in the world, no location is too distant or hidden. Sunsat-GPS uses satellites in space that conduct communication to earth, that eventually track phones around the world. It is not fiction – it is really happening. Sunsat-GPS gives answers to where those cell phones care located! Our vision:

We truly aim to fill that need of tracking phones. It can save lives, get thieves caught, reveal infidelity, or simply keep track of your kids. As of now we share our tracking concept with the whole public world, users of the internet, our partners, authorities and with others that may find our free phone tracking service useful. During the coming years we hope that many people had benefit of phone tracking and a good laugh as well, nevertheless it is a real prank!

sunsat-gps.com since 2006
Brings free phone tracking to the world!

Company Contact

Sezai Cetin
Genclik Mah
Tevhik Isik Cad. Meltem Sitesi 4
Block, Daire 6
07100 Antalya
Telephone: +90 532 5226697
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Email: contact@sunsat-gps.com
Web Site: sunsat-gps.com